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Exercising On Your Period

Oh the dreaded period. Makes perfect sense to ditch your workout routine due to cramps, fatigue, and all the other madness right? Uh NO! Working out can help relieve the symptoms that make getting your period so shitty in the first place.

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You can’t go full power every day at the gym and your menstrual cycle simply won’t let you. It's quite normal to feel unfocused, fatigued, and in straight up pain during your menstrual cycle, especially the first 1-2 days. Most will use this time to binge watch on television while consuming the saltiest and sweetest foods possible. (I'm sure you know those calories just keep you farther away from your fitness goals).

Exercise releases mood-boosting endorphins, which anecdotal evidence suggests might at least take your mind off pain and discomfort. So you shouldn't miss out on a week of exercise, rather use the time for different activities.

Your best bet is to do some light and easy movement that helps reduce inflammation via blood flow. Such as light weight cardio- biking, swimming, planking exercises, a walk, ect. Yoga poses can also be very effective because of the mind calming benefits and opening of the hips where you feel most pain from cramps. Cat & Cow, wide child's pose, half bound squat and reclining twist can help in relieving period symptoms.

Do you find that you have to change up your training plans during your period? Is there a certain kind of training that helps you deal with cramps and fatigue? Feel free to share below!


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