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My Story

I started my fitness journey to get away from an environment that I wasn't happy in. I used fitness as an escape to build a healthier mind, body, and to change lifestyle habits. In the course of doing that I realized just how hard it was to change life for the better. No one tells you this but being "fit" is not only about having a nice body, you have to have the right attitude to get you through your workouts and to keep going to the gym consistently.  


 My passion began when I started to see changes occur within my body. I studied techniques on strength training, weight loss, nutrition and before I knew it, dramatic results began to appear on not only myself but for clients also. Not only did I achieve my aesthetic goals but I also healed my mind. I want to share my fitness journey with women who want to not just have a nice body, but a brand new mindset and positive lifestyle. 




Since 2015 my passion for fitness and wellness has grown to help people achieve their dream body with a positive attitude and great work ethic. I have adopted a wide variety of training to satisfy all of my client's needs such as HIIT, strength training, yoga/asanas, mindful breathing practices nutrional advice, and much more.



Check out a few testiomonials below.


Before & After

My Personal Journey

2012 on the left 2017 on the right

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